Microbiology & Serology

It offers complete clinical services with techniques like microscopy, isolation by conventional culture, detection of antigen & antibodies by serology etc., to identify the presence of potentially pathogenic microorganisms Antimicrobial susceptibility tests are executed on isolates to identify the most appropriate antibiotic for treating an infection.The laboratory will be upgraded with automated identification and antimicrobial susceptibility testing system for shortening the turnaround time for reporting in future. In addition sterility testing for food, water and environmental samples (like Operation theatre, ICU etc.,) are also performed. It also equipped for diagnosis of Allergic and Auto Immune Diseases by Immunology assays.


Biochemistry is the study of chemical and biochemical components in the body for preventing, diagnosing and managing the disease like diabetes, hypertension, infertility, thyroid, kidneys and Liver dysfunction. It function with high through put equipment and advanced technology within built quality control which provides comprehensive testing services from basics clinical chemistry to hormonal assays.

Hematology & Clinical pathology

Hematology & Clinical Pathology supports the diagnosis of disease using laboratory testing of blood and other bodily fluids and microscopic evaluation of individual cells. This section functions with good equipment base including Automated Cell counter, Coagulation analyzers etc., which guarantees for accurate and precise results.

Molecular Biology

Molecular Biology section is well equipped with advanced Real Time PCR with the capacity to perform even Multiplex PCR for diagnosis of infectious diseases and genetic disorder. It employs the latest technology for extraction of Nucleic acid or protein using automation that hugely increase the accuracy of the tests and diminish the chances of human error.